Polish Judges Association nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Berlin. “Strong message”: The German Judges Association (DRB) sees the nomination of the Polish Judges Association Iustitia for the Nobel Peace Prize as a wake-up call to protect judicial independence all over Europe.

Jette Christensen, Member of Parliament in Norway, explained the reasons for the nomination: „When human rights, rule of law and freedom of speech is threatenend our common peace is threatened. Respect of rule of law, freedom of speech and human rights are fundaments of a rulebased democracy. When Iustitia is working for the rule of law in Poland, they are working for a rulebased Europe.”

The German Judges Association is very happy to hear about and emphatically supports Iustitia’s nomination. The presidents of the DRB, Barbara Stockinger and Joachim Lüblinghoff, said in Berlin on Monday: „The nomination of the Polish Judges Association Iustitia is a strong sign.” For many years, Iustitia has been working for judicial independence which has been eroded systematically in Poland. “The colleagues from Iustitia are undeterred in their fight for the Rule of Law even by personal defamation and intimidation. Their remarkable commitment is a commitment for all of us.”

The Rule of Law is based on the separation of powers, which is necessary to protect the people against a state’s arbitrariness. “The Rule of Law is the basis for peace, freedom and democracy in Europe and constitutes the fundament of the European Union. The colleagues from Iustitia have been advocating the Rule of Law obliviously despite all pushbacks, so Iustitia was rightly nominated”, said the presidents. “However, their nomination also demonstrates which dangers the European Union is facing from within. Iustitia’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize must be a wake-up call to secure judicial independence everywhere in Europe.”

The German Judges Association has pointed out the systematic depletion of judicial independence in Poland various times. Lastly it has criticised that the disciplinary chamber at the Supreme Court continously takes action against Polish judges although the European Court of Justice had prohibited to do so. In January 2020, representatives of the DRB alongside with judges from about 20 European countries participated in the “March of thousand Robes” which had been organized by Iustitia.


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